Jewelry Appraiser Services

*Insurance Jewelry Appraisal- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
Needed to properly Insure an item against loss or theft. It gives an approximate value of replacement for the item with a comparable or identical replacement, if available. This is done by the Appraiser taking into consideration the current market price within his/her geographic area as well as the rarity, quality, condition, and design of the item. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

*Market Value Jewelry Appraisal- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
Establishes the Fair Market Value of the item for an Estate. Fair Market Value is the price a willing buyer and seller would agree to without a forced sale. State Regulations may apply. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

*Gemstone Certificate Verification- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
Used to verify that the information on the current certificate or Appraisal you hold on your piece of jewelery matches the actual piece of jewelry you own. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

*Gemstone Identification- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
Identify the Gemstones you  treasure. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

*Liquidation Jewelry Appraisal- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
When necessary to sell,  by court order, or provisions of a will, some time is available to find an appropriate market, the value will most likely be lower than market value and is known as Orderly liquidation value. Some circumstances may necessitate the immediate sale of items without time to expose it to the appropriate markets. It may need to be sold to a Jeweler, Friend, co worker, or Pawn Broker for its Forced liquidation value. Immediate cash value. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

*Pre-Purchasing Assistance- Contact a Jewelry Appraiser
Our knowledge will ensure you get the piece of jewelry that's right for you. And can save you thousands. Contact a Jewelry Appraiser

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